How to install specific version on linux

I feel like an idiot asking this but I can’t find the answer anywhere else: how do I install a specific version on Linux (specifically Mint)?

I’ve been having the problems "waiting for upload to finish (which goes using zero CPU for days before I give up) and “unexpected difference in fileset” on pretty much every backup now and it’s becoming unusable. I am on and bafflingly the beta which the UI suggests an upgrade to is actually a downgrade. I want to try upgrading to as it’s supposed to fix one of my issues without changing the database version but don’t know how to actually install that specific version.

Could someone please help fill in the gap for me, something like go to the release and download x file and use x command to install it, or copy x file into x directory?

How did you originally install Duplicati on your system?

From what I understand, Mint is based on Debian. So on that release page you linked to, you’d want to download the “deb” file. Doesn’t really matter where you download the file, just save it some place you can find easily. After download is complete, you can probably double click it to launch the package manager and install it that way. After installation you can remove the deb file.

Note that I’m not a Mint user so some of this is guessing on my part. I do have a lot of Debian experience so if you run into trouble I can walk you through installing using the command line.

I’d have taken the linux installer from the main Duplicati site and used the GUI updater since them.
Installing the deb using the package manager seems to have worked, wasn’t sure if doing that would install a new instance of the program or upgrade the existing one, seems to have done the latter.
It’s not made a new folder in the .config/Duplicati/updates folder but I assume that’s it’s working space for when it does the installing for you and if I want to downgrade again I can just follow this process for whatever version I want, assuming it’s a version with a compatible database format.

Thanks. Looking forward to the next beta which should hopefully fix my reliability issues.

Glad to hear it worked!

As long as you are using the package manager in some fashion, it is smart enough to see you are doing an upgrade.