How to install Duplicati on Synology

Hi guys,

I have been looking for some time now, but I can’t seem to find an installation guide to install duplicati on Synology.
I see I can download the package, but I would like some extra info. I suppose I also have to install mono. after that somehow install the downloaded package.
I suppose I will have to treath it as a headless device, or can I access the web interface within the Synology interface?
A lot of questions.

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First install mono (it’s under the beta applications IIRC)
Afterwards, download & manually install Duplicati by uploading it via the package manager.
You can run it via the web interface of Synology. If you want to run it outside of the web-interface, I think you will have to start it manually.

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After you install it on Synology, you can see its web interface in the Synology interface itself. There is an icon to open Duplicati’s web interface:

Alternatively you can configure Duplicati to allow remote access, then access its web interface from another computer.

will it automatically upgrade, or do I have to check it every time?

If you mean will Duplicati auto-update, no - I don’t think it currently does that.

As far as the Duplicati Synology package itself, I don’t know.

I think because the Duplicati software is not present in the Synology Package Center, you have to upgrade manually.

I can confirm this. The auto-update does not self-install, and it is not integrated with Synology package center either, so you need to open Duplicati to check for updates.

I have seen a number of reports for failed updates, so I don’t think we are ready to have an “update my installation automatically” yet.

i do have a DS213+. I hope my NAS supports mono as well as duplicati.

I tried to find the Mono Package. Where can i find it? Which package source? (I do have the Beta switch turned on)
Where can i find the Duplicati package to download?

Any hints?

For those that have worked with Duplicati on Synology devices, please flesh out the new #howto guide below to help others get up to speed. :slight_smile:

Note that I am also interested in your experience if you had troubles or did NOT get it working!

So nothing shows up when you search Package Center for “mono”? On mine it shows up. It’s in the standard Synology source - I haven’t added any others.


Never mind… I just checked synology’s site for what packages are compatible with your model. Mono isn’t listed. Bummer. Not sure if you can get it from a third party…

I’d love to volunteer but my experience is only with 1 model. And I’m still not sure I have a good grasp on the best way to install!

Unfortunately i cant find mono.

It seems it is not support on DS213+ as you wrote.
Looks like i have no chance to install duplicati then?
Or does someone has a hint.