How to include a list of ALL files in my backup?

I’m looking for a way to include a list of ALL files on my computer in my backups.
Something along the line of tree /f command.
I’m backing up only a subset of all files which I consider critical.
Other files I can recover from other sources(such as redownload from the internet).
The issue is that if I have a catastrophic failure of my system and I lose everything, I want to be able to look at the list of everything I had(not just what I backed up) to use as a reference in restoring my files.

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I’m not aware of an internal feature, but you can call a script to write a text file to your source which will then get backed up. This batch script will create a FolderTree.txt file in each root directory.

IF "%List%" == "" GOTO LoopEnd
FOR /F "tokens=1* delims=;" %%a IN ("%List%") DO (
	TREE "%%a." /F /A > "%%a.\FolderTree.txt"
    SET List=%%b
goto NextItem

To use it, copy the text above into c:\work\CreateFileIndex.bat and pass it as an argument to the --run-script-before option. You can find it in the GUI in Step 5 (Options) under Advanced Options > Run Script.

Another idea is to install Everything (as a service) and periodically export a file list. It is a fancy offline index that you can later browse and search. You can write a script and call it from Duplicati or Task Scheduler. Either way, be sure to back up the output.

“C:\Program Files\Everything\Everything.exe” -create-file-list c:\work\c.efu c:\

Seems buggy right now but might work in the future.

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Everything is nice idea, thanks

I’m using custom PowerShell script to create csv every day - something like this

Or Disk Space Manager software at its best: TreeSize Professional can create nice XML lists of files and visualize them…or compare them to actual state

Why do you say it’s buggy? What doesn’t work?

It did not work with some paths like c:\ and c:\windows. If you get an .efu file you’re fine.