How to hide the tray icon on Ubuntu?


I installed Duplicati from the website on Ubuntu 18.04, and it works great. However, I don’t see how to hide the tray icon - which I’d rather not have cluttering my desktop. Is this possible?


Hi @VadimP, welcome to the forum!

Duplicati runs in multiple parts including:

  • the server (that actually processes commands like “run a backup”)
  • the web GUI (just an interface to the server features)
  • the tray-icon (just an icon to show Duplicati status & provide easy access to the GUI)

If you’re running Duplicati strictly via the tray-icon (so NOT as a daemon / service) then the tray-icon starts up it’s own server. This means that if you exit the tray-icon, you’re also closing down the server - meaning Duplicati won’t be running so won’t run any backups.

However, if you’re installed Duplicati as a daemon / service and connecting the tray-icon to that daemon / service server then disabling the tray-icon startup won’t affect Duplicati functionality.

Do you recall whether or not you installed Duplicati as a deamon / service?