How to get around "No filelist found on the remote destination"?

I (actually my brother but I’m helping him out) am running Duplicati on a Mac and the database has gotten corrupted. So, I tried to repair, but that did not help. I also tried to replace, but that did not help either.

I get “no filelist found on the remote destination”.


How do I fix this problem so that Duplicati runs again?

Anybody? I’m wondering if my entire backup was lost and is not recoverable.

Can you see the data files on the “remote destination”? If they are there then you should be able to blow away your local data base (on the Mac) and ask Duplicati to recreate the local data base by examining the remote files.

Yes, there are files, the error happens when I try to do just that, delete the local database and recreate it.

I’ve found the reason. The problem wasn’t Duplicati in one way, but it was in another way. I’ll start a new thread.