How to filter in Duplicati 1.3.4 that returns only files of specific file extension?

I’m trying to backup some custom company software that unfortunately saves its output in a common folder with several different file types. I need to backup just a single file type from this otherwise very large folder. Duplicati 2 won’t install on this older computer, so I’m stuck with 1.3.4. I see where I can add a filter to add the extension I want to backup, but I don’t understand how to exclude everything else. I’d much appreciate any advice.

I cannot remember how regular expressions are entered in 1.3.x but you can use the same “exclude everything that is a file” expression as written here:

Attempted it today but no luck - even with the expression to exclude all non-folders it still tried to pull every file when I ran the test search

When making the backup under the “Advanced setting” tab select the box next to “Modify filters…”
then hit the green + to add a new filter types in *.filetype and click the include radial. Next hit the green + again to add another filter and this time type in . and hit ok. This will make a filter to include all files of the type you said and then another filter to exclude all files of all names and types not already explicitly included from the backup. I hope that helps.