How to exclude a script for other backups?

For a particular backup, I need to wake up my NAS with a script. I entered the script in the general settings. For other backups, I do not need this script. How can I exclude that script in other backups?

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Why not put that script in the particular backup that needs it, instead of on all the backups?
Configuring some harmless script for each other backup could probably be done, but why?

You must enter an advanced option by specifying it in the general settings. Then you need to neutralize the advanced option for each specific backup that does not need this advanced option. I did this by unfolding the details of the backup and going to the command line at “advanced” to neutralize the advanced option there. This was the wrong route. I need to go to “edit” and there I can neutralize the option by entering “” and clicking OK so the change is permanent. The problem is solved.

To reach my NAS, I need to assign a drive letter for Duplicate to the folder where I want to store my backup on the NAS. Duplicate then can’t just find the folder despite the drive-letter. I discovered, that if I went to this folder via the file explorer, then Duplicate can find the folder. All my little script does is issue a change directory command to the folder where the backup should go. This solved the problem.

Why? Each job Options screen has Advanced options. Wasn’t that your edit?

I’m glad it worked. I tried a similar but not identical trick. Got an error at backup.

Regardless, it’s your setup, so if you’re happy and good with neutralizing, great.