How to disable check for new Duplicati version?

Is there any way to disable the check for new versions in Duplicati? I’ve read through the new documentation (looks awesome by the way) and have scoured the settings and didn’t see anything relevant.

I’ve got a new use case where I’m running Duplicati in portable mode, doing local backups, and would prefer not to have any attempts at outbound traffic from the network.

According to this

you could set an environment variable to disable the auto-update system.

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Also remember to disable the usage reporter then. You can set this environment variable to force disable it (cannot be enabled when running):

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While the environment variables should do the trick, at least one of them was referenced for a user who couldn’t get the GUI started at all.

And I could have sworn there used to be a GUI setting to disable update checks but I’m not finding it now, but I know that if you can get to your GUI you should be able to disable usage reporting from the main Settings menu:

Thanks everyone! I disabled the automatic update check and went ahead and set the environment variable for the usage stats for extra insurance.