How to disable backup retention?

I would like to disable the backup retention completely, but the tool does not allow me to set this number to zero:

If you want to keep 0 versions, you basically are not backing up at all… So you could just as well remove all backup files…

Is that what you want?

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Of course not :slight_smile: Maybe I misunderstood this option. I thought this is for data retention as it states.
I am only interested in having only the latest backup. If anything changes on my side, previous version of the files should be replaced with the new files.

Setting “number of backups to keep” to the value 1 should do what you want.

thanks, will verify this.

You sure you want to do this? What if a file is corrupted or deleted? If you only have 1 for the backup retention, you won’t be able to restore the file if another backup runs before you spot the problem.

Duplicati is very efficient on the back end storage. It’s not like each backup version takes the same amount of space as the initial backup.

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These are demand-driven options. There is an option for you and one for me :wink:

Just making sure! :slight_smile:

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