How to disable a specific warning

I phrase this as a question, but I reckon it is more of a request, as this doesn’t seem to be an available option.

I have a handful of files in my backup which generate warnings. The warning is perfectly understood and legitimate and can be safely ignored for these files. The upshot is that I have to check every single backup in case there are any other warnings.

The warning in question is Warning-Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.Backup.MetadataGenerator.Metadata-MetadataProcessFailed. They happen because I am including into the backup a few files from a non-Windows file system (WSL2 setup, if you want to know). I am not worried about missing the metadata for these files. I would rather have the tray icon telling me every day that the backup was clean.


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Is there a reason they have to be in the same backup?

skip-metadata might avoid the warning, but you might not want it for the files whose metadata works.

Use this option to disable the storage of metadata, such as file timestamps. Disabling metadata storage will speed up the backup and restore operations, but does not affect file size much.

About → Show log → Live → Warning might say more about the specific issue. More details are coming: (but it’d be best to wait for the Beta which possibly will be out pretty soon):

Include exception type and message in job log, thanks @Jojo-1000

Or do you know what metadata is missing? Right click on file and look over Properties (General, Security).

Thanks @ts678 . I didn’t think this through, but you showed me the way. I’ll stick the troublesome files in a backup job of their own and configure only that with skip-metadata. That should give me a clean sys icon.

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