How to Delete Orphan Files?

Hi, I am getting messages related to orphan files too. May I know how I can remove them?

I understand that in 1.3, I’ll need to use the command line to do “cleanup” with the “–force” argument to do so. How should I do this in 2.4.5?

I tried doing a backup with the --auto-cleanup = true and the problem went away after that. Intentionally removing all files that need to be backed up except for a very small folder (i.e. getting this backup job to just backup that folder), and having the “Retain all backups” option active instead of any form of periodical removal sped this up greatly.

If this backup successfully ends, try the purge function again with the --dry-run argument to ensure that it fixed the issue; you will get the oprhan files error message even with that argument if this did not work. Once you confirm your backup is working, you can go ahead and purge the files along with deleting the newest backup set if you wish.

This will only work if the orphan files still allow you to backup though; I understand there may be some cases that won’t even allow that?

Once you are done with this, remove the --auto-cleanup = true argument as I notice this can give insane amount of errors during database repairs even though it is the same (I copied over the exact one that worked on another machine)