How to cleanly halt a running (non-server) backup?

Hi, folks.

I’m running Duplicati on my Synology NAS, and I’m wondering if there’s a way to cleanly interrupt a backup that’s been initiated from the command line rather than via the local server. Is there a Linux signal that I can send to the process that will perform the equivalent of selecting “Stop after upload” or “Stop now” on a running server task? I’ve tried SIGHUP and SIGINT, but neither appeared to have any effect.


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I have a similar use case. I’d like to be able to stop a backup that was initiated by command line (through a script). I monitor the availability of the remode destination (an sshfs mount on a windows PC), and I’d like to know when to stop the backup becasue the remote PC is switched off. The script will resume tehbackup when the remote PC is available again, its just the stopping part I’m stuck with.