How to build and test regular expressions

I have some special needs for some directories in my backups (eg: in diretory with path c:\x\y\z backup only files with extension *.abc or for every user backup appdata directory *.txt files or stuffs like this). Regular expressions should be fine for my purposes… BUT synthax of regular expression should be the “dotNET synthax” where I can find a reference guide? and - most important - how can I test a regular expression without setup a new backup job for tests?

Regular Expression Language - Quick Reference (Microsoft) is probably a good start, and links to details.

The TEST-FILTERS command run in CLI or GUI Commandline. Different users may see different access.

Filters is worth reading, but sometimes I try things that don’t seem to work as I think it says, so test things.

Building Regular Expressions: There are lots of online services such as Skinners RegExp engine to help build correct regular expressions.

however sometimes there are differences from one implementation to another. For one that matches .NET:

Regex Storm

There was one service that did anchors differently than I wanted. I think Duplicati filter has implicit anchors.

Thank you very mutch… I hope it’s a good point to start the study of this syntax.

Unfortunately the TEST command have no documentation… :frowning:

Yep I notice this too…

The TEST command is a different command. Please click to read The TEST-FILTERS command.
How do filters work? is similar, but seems to have had some new edits contributed by some users.
The manual is harder to change because it’s better controlled, but directions are on its home page.
It would be nice if it pointed to the detailed filters documentation (but which one?), if anyone can do.


Thanks a lot… in these days I digging into this topic and try some experiments!