How to backup to phone? Android as a destination?

i’ve got a lot of free GB on my phone i want to use for backups.

one idea is use duplicati to bckup locally, then sync that local backup folder to my phone using a different software like syncthing. but i don’t want to duplicate the data locally, i don’t have room.

my other idea is to run a webdav / ftp server on my phone? then target that? but idk what webdav even is. and that sounds insecure + battery hungry.

what’s the most simple way to do this?

i just downloaded FTP Server (Free) from F-Droid. duplicati instantly connected to it np. seems good!

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Very interesting… never thought I’d see someone back up their PC to their phone!

it actually crashed about half way through. and it always crashes. so this isn’t working for me.
i tried ftp, sftp, webdav, and using a bunch of different apps. it all fails before completing, at different points.(and i’m only backing up like 40gb)

i tried simply plugging in my phone via usb and backing up to it as a normal drive, but apparently that’s impossible in 2022 because you can’t mount Android to a drive letter anymore. the path is like: This PC\ONEPLUS A5000\Internal shared storage\ and Duplicati doesn’t like it