How to backup to Backblaze B2

I installed Duplicati and set up the files I want to backup, but I do not know how to configure it to use B2. When I run the backup, it does nothing (0 files backed up in 1 second).

Backblaze has a setup guide here that might help:


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Nice info. Also make sure Source page is set up right, and check Filters for any excessive ones.
The backup’s Show log page will summarize what it saw in Source. Finding 0 is rather unusual.

Thank you, both docs were very helpful. The first time through the configuration I totally missed the fact that the Destination is where I would specify B2. After reading the first doc, I made a second attempt that missed the capability of the Source Data to specify individual files. My third attempt was successful in backing up the 10 files I wanted.
I should have started with the second doc you listed. It would have made it easier to set up the B2 connection. I was able eventually to match the terminology of B2 buckets and keys with the Duplicati configuration terminology, but that blog doc would have saved me a couple of trial-and-errors.

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