How to backup the backup?



I use duplicati to do backups from my private notebooks and computer.

What is a good way to backup the duplicati backup?
Should I only copy the backupfiles? Is there some configuration needed?

Thank you



What goal are you trying to achieve? The answer to your question may depend on that a bit, but in general you’d want to maintain an exact copy of the Duplicati backup somewhere else. This includes replicating deletions in addition to new and changed backup files.

I use a 2-stage backup. All my PCs use Duplicati to back up to my Synology NAS, and then I use Synology Cloud Sync software to sync the Duplicati backup files to Backblaze B2 cloud storage. This way I have off-site backups but backups/restores to the local NAS are faster.


Agreed. I backup to a server here in the house, but then rsync the files nightly to a NAS that a friend of mine hosts in his office.