How to backup as file/folder to B2

I own an MSP company and we are searching for a backup program to backup our clients to Backblaze B2. We have been testing Duplicati and find it works fine with B2. We were testing CloudBerry Backup and liked it, though its a bit pricey. While we don’t mind doing a donation for Duplicati if we decide to use it, we are planning to use it for roughly 40 users. Could we get a version that does not have the Donate button in the GUI for a lump sum payment as this would be on all clients machines?

The jest of it is that looking inside the B2 bucket, we see Duplicati uploading the backup as configured, however, its all a jumbled mess with a bunch of zip files. Is there anyway to configure Duplicati to upload in a file/folder manner? Say if we backup test.pdf we need to see in the bucket test.pdf instead of

This is how Cloudberry Backup does it. That way if a client needs the test.pdf file OR the whole folder, we can drill down from the bucket to said file or folder and only download it.

You see my point? Is it that we missed some setting during the backup configuration?

Another thing. Has anyone tried a restore using Duplicati? We know it works, but what about if a machine dies and we have to replace it? We would obviously need to reinstall Duplicati and connect it back to the bucket, but would this work to restore files on a new machine?

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You can turn off the donation messages on the main Settings screen.

This is because of how Duplicati’s backup engine works. It breaks up all your files into chunks and packages them into volumes (dblocks). No chunk is ever uploaded more than once, giving you efficient deduplication and versioning. (You can read more here.) When you want to restore something, use the web UI and Duplicati will download what it needs – don’t worry about working with the back end files directly, let Duplicati do that for you.

CloudBerry doesn’t do deduplication across files like Duplicati. With CloudBerry you do see files and folders on the back end that mimic your local disk, but the negative is that you end up with a LOT of files: if you are backing up X files and keep Y versions, you end up with X*Y files on the back end.

Are you looking for a backup product that keeps files in native format on the back end?

Absolutely… someone made a nice writeup here.

We also view storing plain files as a privacy issue. The FAQ has a short explanation of why Duplicati is not a sync tool.

Ok, got that. What about the bottom? Can the social media be turned off OR changed?

I don’t believe an option exists to suppress that, but if you really wanted to you remove the relevant lines out of the .\webroot\ngax\index.html file. You’d have to repeat this any time you updated the software, of course.

It shouldn’t be too hard to add this as an option to the software in the future though. If this is important to you, feel free to submit a feature requests on the GitHub issues page.