How to access backups and source files quickly?

Duplicati shows this when I want to backup and restore some data.
I get tired of going into source data and find every time in the filesystem.
I run duplicati on top of docker container, so the source and destination folders are not relevant.
So, how do I add quick access to my backups and source file just like it shows in user data??

I only see this on the Backup Source selection screen. The Restore selection screen looks different, and is pretty quick for me to find files.

I’m curious how often you are changing your Backup Source paths. That’s really the only reason to go to this part of the UI.

I dont, i have one folder: /source, but there are 10s of apps having backed up. Some of them are database bacups and some of them should be encrypted as they contain password information, some of them I dont want to encrypt and so on. So, as you can see I access the source file often. So how do I make it so that during selection of backup source it gives me a shortcut.

I guess I’m still not following.

If you’re not changing your backup job configuration frequently, then I don’t see why you’d need to go to the Source selection dialog at all. You should only need to revisit that when you need to change the backup configuration.

Sounds like you’ve configured your backup job to protect a single folder: /source. If everything is underneath that, you should be fine and you shouldn’t need to do anything with specific folders under there.