How I can see what files was added to backup?!

In Duplicati v1 I can see what files was added to backup by right click and choose “View content…”.

Now I see only backup size and number of versions, but I can’t see what file be added or changed (of course: all blocks of file was added or at least one) or deleted or didn’t changed and when. It’s very useful information.

Thank you.

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In Duplicati 2, you can use the compare command to view the difference of any 2 backup versions.

  • In the Web UI, click the backup name to open it and click commandline.
  • Choose command compare.
  • Delete everything in the Commandline arguments text box and rteplace it with these 3 lines:
  • Scroll down and click the “Run compare command now” button.

This will compare backup version 0 (latest backup) with backup version 1 (backup before latest). The --full-result option will list all new, changed and deleted files. Without this option, only the first 10 files are listed.


Big thanks. But do you have a plan to do such feature to UI?

Lots of plans, not so much time to actually do it :slight_smile:

Just FYI, with, that command line operation resuts in a sqlite exception for me.

Strange. I have no problems using the same version.
The compare command doesn’t require the local database, so what happens if you remove all advanced options? (quick and easy way is to switch to advanced view. All advanced options are listed in a text box. Select all options with ctrl+A and del).

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I found the cause of the sqlite exception. My backup job has a couple of “exclude” entries in the advanced options. If I delete those exclude options in the commandline screen, then the compare operation runs successfully. Thank you kees-z.

I just tried this with version, and the sqlite exception does not occur even if the “exclude” entries are present. It appears that this issue was resolved sometime after version

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I found problem with this solution. If no changes in latest backup, it is comparing previosly changed backup with prev prev backup. How do I know if files were added, deleted, or modified during the last backup?

I want to e-mail or create log via “compare” only if backup changed when I use “run-script-after”.

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