How I can add all files from on of many Source subfolders except empty folders?

I don’t want to duplicati create new backup if nothing changes.

If nothing is changed to your source since the last backup, a new backup version is never created, unless --upload-unchanged-backups is supplied. Default value for this option is false.

Unfortenutely, no. I didn’t set this option but see this:

Listing changes
1: 10.03.2018 21:30:00
0: 11.03.2018 21:30:00

Size of backup 1: 54,05 ГБ

1 added entries:

  • D:\SomeFolder\20180311\

1 modified entries:
~ D:\SomeFolder\

Added folders: 1
Modified folders: 1
Size of backup 0: 54,05 ГБ
Return code: 0

Ah, I see. Creating a new directory is actually a change in your source, so a new backup version is created.
As far as I know there is not a filter that can exclude empty directories.

If this is a one-off incident, you can delete backup version 1: 10.03.2018 21:30:00 manually, but I can’t think of any particular reason to do this. The allocated space at the remote end will probably just increase a few KB’s for the new version.

backup size doesn’t matter but I don’t want to create new backup version due this. Of course, it’s not a great problem).

Ok, may be regex will help me.

I prefered to delete empty dir with before backup script).