How executing duplicati in Sleep Screen Windows

Hello, when pc is locked (in the sleep screen), it don’t run the backup. How can i execute backups with my pc in lock screen ?

This isn’t supported with the Web UI built-in scheduler. However, you MAY be able to accomplish it by using a combination of the Windows Task Scheduler (which can trigger actions on screen lock) and duplicati-client (a command line utility that can start backup jobs configured in the Web UI).

This description sounds contradictory. Are you talking about the computer still turned on (showing a lock screen) or sleeping (which won’t show a lock screen)? If you type Windows-L, that’s what I think of as a
lock screen. If you do Start → Power → Sleep (or if on a laptop, probably if you close lid), that’s sleeping.

Duplicati won’t wake a sleeping computer. The other question is – is anyone logged in at desired backup time? The default Duplicati install isn’t even running when nobody is logged in, but there are other installs.

It runs fine here with its user logged in while in lock screen. Feel free to clarify situation if you need more.

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Good questions… I may have misunderstood the original request.