How does restoring backups work upon a machine wipe?

Hi there,
I’ve setup duplicati onto 2 of my machines to backup over FTP to another machine. I’ve noticed the database for the backup’s are stored on the machine that is running duplicati (the machines being backed up) and my use for backing up these machines is to restore them if the system is wiped.

If the system is wiped, I’m left with my backed up files, Though the database won’t exist so how could I restore that backup? Especially since duplicati doesn’t store the raw files and compresses them. (a big feature).


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Sorry, But I don’t understand how I can restore the files specifically. It only outlines how it works.

To simplify matters, we will not use a local database, and we only look at file data, not metadata and not directories.

So how do you go about restoring when the whole machine is wiped? Re-install Duplicati and do what?

This link might be more relevant. Basically, reinstall Duplicati and tell it to restore directly from the backup files.

Thank you, Answer to my question is you need the encryption passphrase ofcourse the stored files (in my case external via FTP).

I recommend exporting your backup job config(s) and storing them in a safe place. It makes it so much easier when doing a new install. You can import the config and then tell it to recreate the local database. After that you’re back in business!