How do you pronounce "Duplicati"


New user here. Before I start recommending this, I ought to pronounce it right.

Is it like “Illuminati” (I had to search a scrabble dictionary for a word that “ends in ati”).

Cuz the “a” could be long (like “duplicate”) and/or the “i” could be long like “eye”.



i hope it’s “doop - lic - otty”, since that’s how i’ve been saying it to myself and others for more than a year now :wink:
(so yes, it would rhyme with “illuminati” or “maserati” or even “port-a-potty” if i’m correct)


I originally chose the name because it means “copy” in Italian (or just “duplicate”), so I guess the right way is “how Itallians would say”.

I pronounce “duplic” like in “duplicate” and “ati” like in “illuminati”.


Odd - I always thought it was pronounced “that awesome open-source backup tool I use”. :blush:

#5 was too long :frowning:

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I like that, it’s the same way of pronouncing as in Dutch.
Anyway, at least I’m happy the main developer didn’t call it dupdupdk. :wink: