How do you manually delete a backup version?

I configured a backup, but I only want it to store one version per backup, and I forgot to set this when I first configured it.

This backup currently has two versions stored. How do I delete the older one manually? I edited the configuration to only store one version, but as of now it’s still holding two.

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If you change your retention settings, they won’t be applied until the next backup job runs. So you could wait for that or manually start a backup. If you really want to delete a version without starting another backup, you can use the “commandline” function (even in the web UI) and use the delete command, but I think that’s way more complicated than just kicking off another backup job.

But I have to ask - why do you only want one version? Duplicati uses deduplication, so it can store many, many backup versions very efficiently. (Each version does not use the same amount of space as the first version!) With only one backup version, you have a very limited restore horizon. If you run backups once a day, you could not restore a file you accidentally deleted before the last backup job ran. I would rethink your retention unless you have a very special use case.

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Thanks for sharing this