How do you get Duplicati to start at startup of Ubuntu 18.04?

How do you get Duplicati to start at startup of Ubuntu 18.04?

How did you install? Did you use the deb package?

I use regular Debian and when I install the deb package it automatically registers properly with systemd. It starts on system bootup.

I’m not sure how I installed it. It’s listed under “local or obsolete” but I don’t see a .deb file anywhere.

You are currently running Duplicati -

(then updated it)

You are currently running Duplicati -

If it shows up in the package manager, then it sounds like you installed from the .deb file originally.

Can you show the output of this command?

$ sudo systemctl status duplicati

I uninstalled and reinstalled from the .deb just in case, but it says:

~> sudo systemctl status duplicati
Unit duplicati.service could not be found.

Strange… hopefully someone more familiar with Ubuntu can comment. On Debian this works great for me!

Have you tried the … I cannot remember how it’s called in 18.04, but 16.04, it was called Dash (in 18.04, Dash means something else now). You open that software search and type in duplicati, and when Duplicati icon appears, you click it.

I don’t know what you mean. dash is a fast bash replacement

In Ubuntu 16.04, Dash is the Ubuntu icon at top of the launch bar on the left side, and it helps you find the programs you want to run. Canonical changed the terminology, and in 18.04 Dash is something else, and I cannot remember the name for the part that you can use to search for apps to run.

Anyway, if this confuses you, open terminal and run the command Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe. You need to start up the web gui manually for the first time. It will then start the necessary processes, and after that, Duplicati is up and running even after reboot.