How do you delete backups?

I am testing a local backup but don;t see any way to delete the backed up files so i deleted them manually. Then when i tried to run the backup again, it didn’t run. I deleted the database and tried to recreate it but no luck. So i think i need to recreate the backup job? So if i want to delete an old backup on my remote storage that i no longer want, what is the best way to do it?

The job Configuration --> Delete screen has a section for “Delete local configuration” which is checked by default, and a section for “Delete remote files” which is unchecked by default. Check that if you want that.

Deleting a backup job configuration covers this and has a few pictures, but doesn’t really show the above.

There’s also a bug now where the local .sqlite file is left behind. Advanced --> Database can delete it first.

I think the creation time of the database on a newly created job is when the job first runs, so because you already removed the destination files and the database, you could try just running the job, if it’s still there.

It’s a good idea to export jobs (i.e. important configuration) and keep them somewhere safe from disaster, meanwhile the job can be imported again for more ordinary purposes like testing from scratch repeatedly.

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