How do I use Google Team Drive as backup location?

Can somebody please explain me how to set a folder from Google Team Drive as backup location?
I have used OAUTH and it’s connected.

In the path to server, whenever I enter a folder name, it’s always created in my personal Google Drive.
How to use this field so it refers to a Team drive or subfolder in team drive?
The manual and documentation shows nothing at all about this, but from the options I see an option that allows to “hide” Team drives.
So that makes me believe that at some point, I must be able to select a folder and also from a Team drive no?

Experimental support for Team Drive was added in version canary (Release: (Canary), 2018-01-23) but I don’t know that I ever saw anything specific about how to use it.

There was a discussion about it here, so perhaps @kenkendk, @YaphetKotto, or @ajthemacboy have used it and can help you out…

(By the way, I moved this to it’s own topic to make it easier to find.)

It was added to with an option to disable it. It was not tested well, because my access to the TeamDrive stopped working. The implementation follows the specifications, so it should be possible just to type in a target TeamDrive folder.

Hello kenkendk,
thank you for your explination.

do you need a team drive for testing > i can give you on
you wrote just type in a target TEamDrive Folder > i which way should this done?
i tried Teamdrive/Folder or /TEAMDRIVE/folder but always i get the error that the folder not exists
Thank you for your help.

Hi there… did you find the solution?

Could you expalin or post link to an explanation what address did you use to connect? I cannot do that, none of address types works. The feedback is “403 forbidden”. The access has been granted to Duplicati. An example would work for me I suppose…

Hi all, I’ve just setup a backup to a Google Team drive and it seemed very easy but this came up on Google, so just thought I’d follow this thread up with some details.

  • When configuring your backup, on ‘destination’ step, select the storage type as ‘Google Drive’ and follow normal steps to get an “authID” to grant access to your Google Drive.
  • From the advanced options section, select the googledrive-teamdrive-id option from the drop down.
  • To find the “Team Drive ID”, go to Google Drive in the browser, and navigate to the root of your Teams Shared Drive. The ID will be the very final portion of the URL, i.e. the string after

And that’s it! Everything else is exactly the same as any other Google Drive backup workflow :slight_smile:

Happy backing up!



works! thanks a lot!

on not working, why?