How do I uninstall Duplicati on Linux

I’m having trouble finding directions for how to remove Duplicati on Linux, specifically on a CentOS system. Anyone have a pointer to an accurate document?


I’m guessing your best bet would be to wait for @hydrian or @Pectojin to see this post.

Hopefully we’ll be able to make a #howto topic once you’re taken care of.

If you just installed the rpm package it should be as easy as finding the package name and removing it (e.g. searching rpm -qa | grep 'duplicati')

The deb package installs it as just duplicati, so assuming it’s the same package name it’s just a matter of running

sudo yum remove duplicati

Where are the same instructions for windows server? Including removing the service and all files?

Good question - I don’t think there are any yet. :slight_smile:

I’ve made a stub post for a central place to record this information, please check it out in a little bit (after we’ve had some time to actually put useful info in there). :slight_smile:

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That’s great. Thanks.

But how does one actually do this?

I downloaded the windows version and just installed with all the defaults. I would like to remove everything now. I am not sure if the defaults installed it as a server or not.

I’ve updated the #howto above, please see if that covers what you need.

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