How do I run Duplicati app on a Mac with root privlidges?

Noticed this error and saw that the file/directory in question is owned by root so not surprising to see this problem. Having said that, other than making all my files readable by all, how do I run the Duplicati app on a Mac so that it has root access?

Error reported while accessing file: /Volumes/HD2/.DocumentRevisions-V100/
System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path ‘/Volumes/HD2/.DocumentRevisions-V100’ is denied.

Are you currently running as tray icon only or as service (possible with tray icon pointing to it)?

I run Duplicati server as root from a LaunchDaemon, with the following file (unzip and install in /Library/LauchDaemons, then restart your Mac (or use launchctl as root if you know how): (591 Bytes)


Hmmm, that sounds like a Windows sort of thing - right now I’m running it on several Macs and a couple of Linux machines. My Windows systems all live in VMs and I routinely backup the underlying VM files to the Linux host where it’s then (I hope!) picked up by Duplicati running on the host.

It looks like @gctwnl probably has the answer for you, but I did want to clarify that this is not just a Windows thing - on Mac & Linux you can still run Duplicati in any of these setups:

  • just the tray icon (which will provide it’s own server) that will only run when the user is logged in, likely on port 8200
  • as a daemon (service providing the server) which should run whether user is logged in or not (but you won’t get the tray icon), likely on port 8200
  • as a daemon with the tray icon connecting to the daemon server, likely on port 8200
  • as a daemon (likely on port 8200) with the tray icon running it’s own server (likely on port 8300) - this is not recommended as it can be confusing which Duplicati server you’re connected to

@gctwnl Thanks for the plist - I’m now running it that way — for others who want to do this, note that you have to change the ownership and group to root:wheel after you put the file in the LaunchDaemons folder