How do I restore from Google Drive?

Hi, a noob here. I had to do a clean install on my laptop and lost all my data. However, I had backed up to Drive using Duplicati. I can’t seem to figure out how to restore my documents. ANy help or a step by step would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Welcome to the forums Brian_Watts

First step would be to reinstall Duplicati on you laptop as basic/default installation will suffice for now.

Next fire up Duplicati answer the initial question regarding a password of the GUI, your choice but not required for now.

Once Duplicati opens click on “Restore” from the left menu.

Step 1, select “Google Drive” from the “Storage Type” dropdown. Fill in the other fields with your gdrive path and authentication.

Step 2, provide the passphrase that you used when you first created the backup and click Connect.

Step 3, once connected Duplicati will begin fetching backup dates (will take a while) then it will begin rebuilding the database (will take even longer) but once complete you should be able to browse by date and select the files you want to restore. FYI: When you pick another date, it will then rebuild that days data, which as you may have guessed by now, will take a while.

Step 4 you should be given the option to restore to original location or to an alternate location along with a few other options.

Hopefully that gets you back up and running.

Thanks Jimbo. I am having problems doing it that way for some reason. Could I just download the file(s) and do it locally?


Off the top I’m not aware of anything that would stop you from doing so.

I’d make a folder “Duplicati Backup Files”, download the files (*.dlist,*.dblock,*.dindex) to that location then in Duplicati, click “Restore”, choose "Directly restore from backup files… and point it to that folder and see if that works.


Thanks Jimbo, it worked! I am very relieved indeed.

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