How do I remove a backup set only from the local database (not from the backup)?

I’ve migrated one Mac to another. The new one now is the source for a Duplicati backup. I’ve checked that that new computer works and changed the backup set there and run it.

I wanted to remove it from the old computer, but it gives me the option to remove from the local database yes/no but not to remove the backed up data yes/no.

So, how do I remove a backup set only from the local database?

That’s generally the default behavior shown on the screen, unless something is causing yours to be different.

Could you paste a screenshot? I expect checkboxes for both, but no yes/no unless that’s how a Mac shows it.

To borrow an image from a different article, this is what I expect. Are you getting “Delete remote files” without the checkbox (making it look mandatory), or not there at all (making it look uncertain as to what will happen)?

Apparently I missed the second checkbox (I’m on another machine right now and I’ve tested on this machine and I see that second checkbox). The checkbox is not very prominent (very thin line) and I might not have connected it to the question but only saw the big button.