How create many storages in one task?

How in duplicati create many storages for one source data? For example, i got D:\1.txt. I want send it local + network storage and/or FTP and/or cloud. As i see for now there is now option for do that, the only decision that i can do in this case make many tasks for one source data D:\1.txt.

A single task can only have one destination. Last I recall, I think the main reason (aside from effort needed) was that error recovery becomes harder with data going to many destinations. It’s hard enough with one…

To make task replication easier, you can do export and import, however if source selections change often, keeping configs in sync could be hard. An option I haven’t tried yet is –parameters-file which sounds like it could hold all the common elements for your backups. Job can then mainly add destination and schedule.

Using independent tasks also adds redundancy in case something bad happens, e.g. task database fails.

Some people run sync software to sync backup to remote, but that could easily sync some local disaster.