How can the hosting of the backup files actually be free?

I ran a backup oay. Seems great.

I am concerned how the hosting of the files can actually be free because I figure the files are being hosted somewhere on the internet, and no such thing as free–I mean, someone needs to pay the costs.

Not to mention I did not see where the settings to connect to different services (e.g. Amazon) were.

Often free is just a catch, you’ll need to pay after some free resources / credits are consumed. It’s very common to provide such free services in hope to get long term customers which then pay well later.

See Freemium @ Wikipedia

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Duplicati itself provides no cloud storage. Where are you saving your backups? Check your backup job configuration and look at the Destination page. Perhaps you are just saving to a local destination.

Free exists. Its surreal but exists. I’ve received actual free for not a single thing in return at all previously - even just recently - and that was not even with computers.

I’m not sure why some people think it doesn’t exist. I know this world would charge everyone for cans of air if they could make the planet unbreathable but that doesn’t mean free doesn’t actually exist.

I think you don’t understand the marketing aspect. There are companies that give gas away at cost just to get people to the store for other things. There are companies that do give away free things and you do not need to do a single thing but take it and x amount of people will spend more at that store or buy more as a thank you. They can make the money back and then some.

Despite that, a company can advertise or give away free as an alternative for the cost for advertisement. Its all risk. They have to spend money to make money.

Not all will milk you for info :slight_smile: