How can I revert to a lower version?


I uninstalled the latest Canary. The Duplicati Programfiles folder is emptied. Then I installed the latest Beta. duplicati-
The Programfiles folder has its files. Process Explorer tells me, Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon is running, version “”. Fine.

BUT ALL BROWSERS, ALL CACHES CLEARED, COMPUTERS RESTARTED - they tell me I am using the latest Canary still. What is going on here? Thing is, latest Canary is broken and does not work for me. I cannot get rid of it.

No matter what I do:
You are currently running Duplicati -


APIVersion : 1
PasswordPlaceholder : **********
ServerVersion :
ServerVersionName : -
ServerVersionType : Canary
BaseVersionName :
DefaultUpdateChannel : Canary
DefaultUsageReportLevel : Information
ServerTime : 2018-01-27T18:41:39.4838476+01:00
OSType : Windows
DirectorySeparator :
PathSeparator : ;
CaseSensitiveFilesystem : false

In Duplicati’s installation folder you will find a sub-folder ‘updates’. Within that there is folder for each of the last versions. Just delete the folder The open the file ‘current’ in a text editor and set it to the last version that you have. Start Duplicati, set the update channel to beta or experimental and you should be fine.

Thanks! But in “c:\Program Files\Duplicati 2” there unfortunately is no ‘updates’ folder.

OSX Icons

@Tapio I suspect that’s because you’re new install hasn’t been updated. Can you check the version of the .exe that’s running, and open up the GUI in a private browser window to check the behaviour?

It seems that you have directly installed this version and not used the built-in updater. Just uninstall and install an older version. To make sure all backup jobs and databases are stillpresent afterwards, you might want to make a copy of the folder %appdata%\Duplicati or/and export the backup jobs from the UI.

I have to admit, I don’t know how much data the uninstaller will remove.

Yes, I have directly installed, because I wanted a downgrade.

Uninstall and then manually install the old beta is exactly what I did. After the uninstall, the Duplicati Program files folder as empty. Good.
WebGUI always tells me it is still Canary. Sysinternals Process explorer says Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon is running as version
I managed to make backups without errors now. But still, something is wrong, web GUI still shows the new custom retention options.

To me it feels like there is some local web server component, which is in Canary version, which I absolutely cannot find.
It’s a problem if downgrade from Canary isn’t cleanly possible.

Or maybe AppData\Local\Duplicati\Duplicati-server.sqlite holds wrong version information and is to blame?

Output from inside Chrome Incognito mode:
ServerVersion :
ServerVersionName : -
ServerVersionType : Canary
BaseVersionName :
DefaultUpdateChannel : Canary
DefaultUsageReportLevel : Information
ServerTime : 2018-01-28T12:51:32.2853776+01:00

Maybe your browser has cached the website? Open it in another browser or delete cache or open it in incognito mode to check.

Now that would be easy and was the first thing I did… To quote myself from above posting: "Output from inside Chrome Incognito mode:"
And I’ve tried all Browsers. FF, IE, IE “InPrivate”, Chrome. Never used Duplicati with IE for instance.

And the installer is duplicati- without any doubt.

Will need to trace via Sysinternals Sysmon/Filemon/Regmon where Duplicati leaves its relevant traces outside of %localappdata%\Duplicati and %programfiles%\Duplicati, sigh. Will report back.

Check c:\program data \duplicati

Delete this directory if exist

Installed updates come here

Now it’s all fine.
“You are currently running Duplicati -”

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This thread assumes a Windows install.
What if I have a .deb (i.e. Linux Mint) install?

In that case you will have to uninstall the higher version and than install the older version.

But if you have updated from the WUI than browse your home directory/ config/Duplicati/updates

Sorry don’t remember the exact path but updates are installed somewhere in the home directory

I updated from the latest beta to the canary channel several weeks ago using the web UI and I updated to the latest canary version again today. I can’t find the updates folder being referred to. Since the Duplicati service runs as root, it should be in root’s home folder, but it’s not:


And to double-check, it’s also not in my home folder either:

/home/~my username~/.config/Duplicati

Apparently, I don’t have an updates folder?!

Which Linux distribution are you using and which version

Are you running as root or some other user

In about check the base version and current version

  • Linux Mint 18.2
  • Duplicati service is running as root
  • Screenshot shows no updates folder, unlike yours
  • In Duplicati -> About -> System Info:
    ServerVersion :
    ServerVersionName : -
    ServerVersionType : Canary

    BaseVersionName :
    DefaultUpdateChannel : Canary

    OSType : Linux

    MonoVersion : 4.2.1
    UserName : root