How can I delete an invalid option from a backup definition?


from the Canary version I have “–retention-policy” flag in my backup set (from Canary, then I downgraded). Duplicati does present this every time as a warning: “The supplied option --retention-policy is not supported and will be ignored”. That’s fine Duplicati but please do not make me nervous with RED warnings any more… I don’t like the warning and want to get rid of it.

If I save the backup definition, it does not clean it up. The --retention-policy stays in the definition and is not deletable by UI.

a) Duplicati should cleanly rewrite the backup definition by all options which are set and visible.
b) Where exactly are the backup settings saved? Can I do something with Regedit? Edit config files? Didn’t find…

Well after all I can export/edit/delete the backup definition and re-import. But then I get a different order of my backups in UI.


Was --retention-policy added by you in the step 5 (Options) “Advanced options” section or did you use the “Smart backup retention” or “Custom backup retention” feature in General options?

No opportunity to test it right now, but maybe one of these suggestions will help:

  • Edit the backup job, in step 5 (Options), click the 3 dots behind “Advanced options” and click “Edit as text”. Maybe the --retention-policy option is listed there. If so, delete the line and save the backup job.
  • Upgrade to the latest canary, remove the --retention-policy setting and downgrade again.
  • Open Duplicati-server.sqlite in a SQLite browsing tool, like SQLite Browser and try to edit the job directly.
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Yes, was added as a custom backup retention option.

It’s not appearing there.

Then I guess temporary upgrading to the latest canary is your best option.

Just did it, upgrade to Canary. Not working as well. It does not show the retention flag in the UI. Not under “Edit as text”. It does not delete it, when I save the backup set. When I look under “Configuration->Export->As command line” it shows it has stored two options:

“–keep-versions=3 --retention-policy=“8D:2D,4W:1W,12M:1M””

I think I reported it before after Canary came out.

Hold on. I resolved it. Was a browser refresh issue now.


  • Upgrade to Canary
  • Refresh Browser
  • Set Retention to “Unlimited” (this way there is no flag), save
  • Now the custom retention option appears activily in the (5) general backup settings
  • Change to desired Backup retention
  • Save
  • Profit. --retention-policy gone