How can Duplicati be silent to the average user?


I have set up Duplicati per-user, also for my wife. She cannot handle messages and warnings. I think that is not a rare case…
I sporadically look at Duplicati, but I definitely want it to not annoy my wife. Is there something I can do about the following?

a) Update notifications
b) Automatic opening of the browser page, IDK why this happens. Duplicati server starts delayed via the Duplicati option
c) Database warnings on backup etc.

So I need a kind of inverse verbose mode.


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Instead of running Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe, you could try running Duplicati.Server.exe on startup. Without the tray icon, there won’t be any popup notifications.

I haven’t really done this myself so I don’t know if there are any caveats. (Besides setting up some other mechanism to alert you to problems, like email alerts or


Hi, I was starting start “” /b “c:\Program Files\Duplicati 2\Duplicati.Service.exe” “–webservice-port=8300” in the autostart context of the user. This usually let’s the cmd windows disappear.

It does start the server on this port, I can visit it on http://localhost:8300 - BUT: The autostart script does not disappear (i.e., the cmd window), because it is doing some “look if alive” thing. It starts the server.exe again from appdata. It reports:

Starting process C:\Users\Stefanie\AppData\Local\Duplicati\updates\\Duplicati.Server.exe with cmd args --ping-pong-keepalive=true

I will not autostart it in the user context having the cmd window always-on… HALP PLS THX :smiley:

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Why use a script at all? Just put a shortcut to the exe directly in the Startup group (or however you are triggering it at logon). Using a cmd/bat script will create a console window, as will running the “start” command.

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Ugh, yeah of course. Habit :blush:

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Now I remember, the database folder is on an encrypted drive via NTFS Junction, so I need to mount drive first, then check if drive exists, then start Duplicati. But yeah, will do a delayed start via Windows cron mechanism.

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Oh no, bad news. Same result. Started “c:\Program Files\Duplicati 2\Duplicati.Service.exe” “–webservice-port=8300” via the windows scheduler. Can not be used for users.

How did you configure the “trigger” for that scheduled task?

I am using Task Scheduler to launch Duplicati at logon. On the General tab I have “Run only when user is logged on”, and on the Triggers tab I have “At log on”. The Actions tab runs Duplicati exe (in my case the GUI TrayIcon).

You will probably need to set up a different scheduled task for each user so you can specify different port numbers. You can’t have more than one instance of Duplicati using the same port.

OR just don’t specify the port explicitly and let Duplicati decide. The port that corresponds to a particular user’s instance will change based on order of logon though.

No, that is not the point here.

There’s a DuplicatiGUI running on user Tapio all of the time, on default port 8200. Just via starting DuplicatiTrayIcon.exe.

On user “Stefanie”, there’s a delayed start “At user login”, as you wrote. With a forced port 8300. It does indeed start DuplicatiServer, the Web interface will become available on port 8300, but it is accompanied by above cmd window which does that “attempt to restart” thing, idk why. It just does what it does.

Task scheduler command:

Just create a Windows shortcut with whatever port and start it:
“C:\Program Files\Duplicati 2\Duplicati.Service.exe” “–webservice-port=8345”

I workaround it. Exported the command line for Duplicati.CommandLine.exe via the webgui, then let windows scheduler control the occurrence of backups. This still has a cmd window up front while active; but it’s a rather quick backup, and I have additionally set it to “if windows is idle”. So very likely unnoticed by user.

I guess I’m not really sure why you are making this so complicated. Why not let Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe run for each user that logs in. (This is how the installer sets things up by default, by adding that shortcut to the startup folder.) The TrayIcon process will automatically choose an available port. No need to manually assign port numbers.

Edit: That’s right, you don’t want some users to get notifications. So for those users you could put Duplicati.Server.exe in their startup. But my main question is - why hard code any ports at all? Let the ports get assigned automatically.

“Why not let Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe run for each user that logs in”.
Because posting one. It even brings a tab in Chrome up front.

“But my main question is - why hard code any ports at all? Let the ports get assigned automatically.”
Of course I tried it. Because it didn’t help. I will retry under clinical conditions. It led to the same result of a non-disappearing window, I was even under the impression it does not try a different port other than 8200.
No, I doubt it is different for you. I can even pick a random free port from any available, it would do its pingpong thing.

Case is closed, I use the workaround.