Hourly retention?

Hi There,

I have been testing your so far great product for the last two weeks or so. I have a data set that I backup by the hour that I want to keep hourly backups of. I tried using the custom retention policy but I can’t quite make out if hourly retention is supported?

What I want to do is like this:
Where that should be:
For the first 3 days, keep hourly versions
For every week, keep daily versions
For every 4 weeks (or every month), keep weekly versions
For every year, keep monthly versions
For 5 years, keep yearly versions

Is the hourly not supported or should I use another syntax for “hour”?

Friendly regards
Stefan B. Christensen

Hello and welcome!

Yes, “hour” is an allowed interval, but it must be a lower case “h”. The devs seemed to use lower case letters for things shorter than “day”. It was obviously needed with “m” to differentiate minutes and months, but “h” and “s” don’t really have any clashes like that.

Here are the allowed intervals:

s - second
m - minute
h - hour
D - day
W - week
M - month
Y - year

You can also use “U” to indicate unlimited. When it’s in the X position of the X:Y retention policy pair, it means keep the backups for an unlimited length of time. When it’s in the Y position, it means keep an unlimited number of backups for that timespan.

So if your backup schedule is configured to run hourly, you could also just set your first X:Y pair to “3D:U”. This will help avoid some backups being unintentionally pruned out due to small variations in backup time.