High memory usage on mono-sgen

I’m using Duplicati now for a few months, and notice a gradual increase in memory usage of mono-sgen. Over a period of three weeks it is increasing gradually up to 2GB. If I restart Duplicati, the same behavior is repeated.

I’m using a daily back-up to Storj DCS with client side encryption of a share with around 400GB of data. There are no issues with these back-up runs.

Current version :
Mono version :

Can someone help out to find the cause of this issue?

I searched some other threads in the forum about suspected memory leak. One possible cause of high memory usage is related to your remote volume size. Did you customize it by chance (default is 50MB)? Also have you customized any options related to threads/concurrency?

I didn’t change any of these settings.

Ok, good to know. You have your destination type set to “Tardigrade” right?

Yes, using access grant. Daily AES encrypted back-up with 50MB volume size and smart retention. No special options set other than email after all operations.