Hide backup on google drive

Is there a way to create a private folder or use appdata logic to backuo to Google Drive and not clutter my drive with '.aes/ files?

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I don’t think so. It uses drive.file scope. It can also use drive (for now) but not drive.appdata.

Choose Google Drive API scopes

If you mean invisible to yourself, some web research suggests you can’t, but you could check further.

Some people suggest just using an out-of-the-way folder. Definitely don’t put the files right in the root.

Well if it is visible. It does not matter the folder. It floods your recent files list. If it could utilize App data that would hide it from view.

Accessing google drive appdata folder written by Arq Backup had similar issue, but found fix worse.
Drawbacks of /appDataFolder on Google Drive? asked that question. To me, it looks quite inflexible.
Per link I posted, it’s meant for configuration info. I think it even deletes it when app is disconnected,
which would be a very bad thing to do to the backup. It should survive messing around with the app.


Store application-specific data in Google Drive Guides is probably the most authoritative current info.