Help with backup to s3

Hello, I have a problem, I have a disk with 330GB and when I put it to send to the Amazon S3 the backup does not end. It starts correctly but does not end, it keeps running. I already did a test for a week and it didn’t end during that week, then I tried to change the volume size to 100MB but it wasn’t too, could someone help me?

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Does the backup appear to be running, or does it look stalled? What does the main progress bar show?

it doesn’t seem to be stalled, but it’s taking too long I’m not sure if it’s running, apparently yes, is it normal to take that long?

The main progress bar in the web UI should do a good job showing you how far along the backup process is.

330GB may take a while to upload. What is your ISP upload speed?

After the first backup, subsequent backups will be a lot faster because Duplicati only sends new/changed blocks of data.

Are any of the blocks appearing in S3?