Help re Windows System backup

First up, thanks for this excellent software.
My problem is a lack of knowledge about Windows system backup - I’ve got my data files backup down pat and that’s humming along nicely, but I’m puzzled about my separate profile to create a Windows system files backup (I may also be confused about the difference between a system image and a system files backup).
What I’m trying to achieve is a backup that could be used to recover Windows in case of a system or hardware crash.
The run completes with 0 Source Data and consequently 0 backed up content. The following screenshot may shed some light:

Yet, despite the green ticks against the list of folders/files, I’m getting 0 source data and therefore Duplicati doesn’t appear to be creating the desired backup.
Guidance would be appreciated.

Duplicati does not do system recovery.

Oh, thanks. I’ll have to look elsewhere (here’s hoping Duplicati data file backup and recovery works).

Do you still need help with Duplicati doing file backup and recovery? The screenshot helps validate that at least part of what you’re doing is right, but we’d probably need to see the backup options, too.

I recommend Macrium Reflect for image level backups. Duplicati works great for user data file backups.

I agree, I use Macrium for my Windows desktop PC backup. It’s very reliable and powerful.
But they charge an arm and a leg for their Windows Server version, which is their right, I guess.
Consequently, and as MS Windows Server Backup doesn’t work for some obscure, unfixable reason, I’m still on the lookout for a free tool that works on Windows Server.
Thanks for your input.

No thank you, I think I have the data file/folder backup worked out (I gueas I’ll really only know whether that’s true if I’m ever placed in a Recovery position).
Let me know if there’s any further info I can provide to confirm whether the backup options are correctly configured.

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Click on Filters. Some people who have this sort of outcome discover they have excluded all the files.
You could also look at About → Show log → Live → Verbose in a tab to see details on file filtering, etc.