Help on Restore

I need to understand restore process by following scenario:

I have Duplicati -, supposed that I have a backup configured to retain all versions

Day 1: I have an initial backup on 2 folders each containing 100 (Folder-1=100, Folder-2=100)

Day 2: After initial backup, I delete 10 files from folder 1 (Folder-1=90, Folder-2=100)

Day 2: Run 2nd Backup

Day 3: Now move 20 files from Folder 2 to Folder 1 (Folder-1=110, Folder-2=80)

Day 3: Run 3rd Backup

Day 4: Accidentally deleted source folder

Day 4: Restore all from Backup set#0 (Most Current Backup)

Result is:

Folder-1 has 130 files (100 original and 20 moved files)

Folder-2 had 100 files (20 moved files also recovered)

My understanding is after running 3rd backup and restoring most current state will restore only files available during 3rd Backup, am I missing something?

Which folder? Folder-1 and Folder-2? Or just one of them?

If they were both deleted, and you restored from most recent backup version, then yes I would have expected it to look like the backup on Day 3: Folder-1=110 files, Folder-2=80 files.

Did you restore from the GUI or from the command line? If command line, what command did you use exactly (with parameters)?

  1. Deleted both Folders
  2. Restored via GUI

Ok, let me try to reproduce your issue…

I can’t reproduce this. Deleting the source folders and restoring from the most recent backup puts the folders back as they were exactly at the time of that last backup, as expected.

Can you list any settings you may have customized? (Although I can’t really imagine what would cause the behavior you experienced.)

Thanks drwtsn32, I will send you config later today.

I figure it out that I have --all-versions=true option enabled in default options. After disable it restore is working normal.

Thanks for your help drwtsn32.

Yep, that would do it! Glad you figured it out.