Help for re-creating the config file

Hello dear Duplicati community!

I’ve been using Duplicati for more than 2 years now (great software!), and suddenly got a problem, but maybe you can help me find the solution (I’m not a native english speaker nor an informatician, so be indulgent please!).
I used Duplicati for backups of my Linux HOME directory, which was on a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) on a NAS. My PC motherboard crashed, but I still have all my data (on the HDD + Duplicati backup on the NAS). I re-installed Linux Ubuntu on a new computer, as well as my HDD containing my HOME directory, so everything is well (I still have my data and my backup), except… I lost Duplicati configuration file (I completely forgot to make an Export before the crash) !
I still have my original data in my HOME directory, as well as the corresponding Duplicati Backup on the NAS, but I don’t know how to configure Duplicati so that it’ll recognize the existing backup. I don’t have enough space to make a new backup from scratch (and I’d like to keep the different versions of my documents in the backup).
Do you know how I should configure Duplicati for it to make my backups “as usual” (before the crash) ?
I still have the SSD (drive) with my ancient Linux system on it, and I can search in it for Duplicati configuration files if necessary (or even database), but I don’t know where and what to search for. I can’t launch Duplicati from this SSD anymore (I guess, or I don’t know how to do).

Many thanks for your help!

Welcome to the forum @Camille

You can look (maybe with ls -lrt) in .config/Duplicati in root’s home directory for recent databases.
If you find a Duplicati-server.sqlite, that’s its job configurations. Random-letter.sqlite are the job databases.
Assuming distro and folder layout stay the same, databases that still match destination can just be moved.


Migration to new PC - faq wanted is on Windows but gives the same steps with a little bit more information.
I’m not quite sure what you have on the rebuilt computer now.

Thank you for your quick reply, I’ll try this as soon as I’m home and keep you updated!

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Thank you very much, this solution worked!

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