Help for a newbie

I open a backblaze b2 account to backup some of my data.
I’m backing up videos.
I could not upload files there. I try mountain duck, dropshare, forklift, and many others.
3 gb per day was the maximum speed.
I try duplicati.
Now it’s ok the upload.
I’ve got many questions, and I’m glad if someone want to help me.
I’ve got a folder that I want to use in more pc.
With other methods it was simple.
With duplicati how can I do?
I don’t find the file and the folder, but manu zip files.
How can I download a single file and reupload it from a different pc?
For now I understand that I’ve to do a restore in the second pc, download the file, upload in another bucket, download it in the first pc and backup it from my first pc.
When I’ll work on the video I’ve to delete the raw video and keep the new.
How can I do it?
My problem is that I can work on single file and folder with mountain duck for example, but I don’t know how to work with duplicati zip files. It’s not so easy for me understand the correct workflow.

Duplicati is not a file synchronization tool. It is a backup tool that utilizes deduplication in order to store many versions efficiently. Because of the deduplication, files are broken up into chunks for storage:

I’m not entirely clear what you are trying to do, but it sounds like something Dropbox (or similar) are designed for – synchronization of certain files between multiple computers, allowing you to modify files in any location.

Ok, you understand.
I’ll use pcloud to do what I want to do.
But if I want to delete a folder and files, how can I do it even in duplicati backup?
For example, now I’ve a folder of 300gb, but in 3 weeks I’ll delete all files and I don’t need them any more.
How can I delete them automatically on backblaze with duplicati?

Another question.
Can I restore in a simple way my backup from other pc?
I try but I could.
I think the problem is that the backup is not ended.

Do you mean you will stop using Duplicati? One option is to delete the backup job in Duplicati. It will give you an option to delete files on the remote (B2) side. Or you can delete the folder on the B2 web console directly.

Yes, you can restore on a different PC but yeah you should wait for the initial backup to complete first.

When that completes what you want to do on the second PC is: Install Duplicati then use the Restore - “Direct restore from backup files” option.

Thank you.
I don’t want to delete the backup job, because I’ve many folders, and only one folder doesn’t interest me.
I can’t delete from B2 2 directly because they are all zip files.
I’m thinking to do a bucket for those files and eliminate that backup directly.

Welcome to the forum @Nutri

Does “those files” mean those you want kept, and “that backup” mean the one with extra folder?
If so, that’s a good way to take advantage of B2’s free-uploads pricing, but it’s more upload time.

Alternatively, removing the one non-interesting folder can be done using The PURGE command.
How to delete some folder or/and files inside each backup version gave some directions for that.