[Help] Error backing up with no log provided?

Hi all,

Currently backing up to B2 (via their S3-compatible API)

Been working for a while but now when I try to backup it is will report an error. The odd part of is that when I inspect the logs through the UI interface - I do not get a line item for the error run; the last entry is the previous successful backup. From the UI I get

(status bar at top)
Verifying backend data
Waiting for upload to finish
(Box at bottom of screen) One or more errors occured (show / dismiss)
(clicking on show gives the list of logs which doesn’t actually show last run)

In terms of troubleshooting - I check the caps/limits of B2 and I am well under all the different caps so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Any ideas on where I can look for reporting on how to fix?

Why not use the B2 support built in to Duplicati? In my experience it is very good and I haven’t had any issues with it. B2’s S3 compatibility API is good for programs that don’t speak native B2 protocols.

On why S3 for B2 - to be honest, this is more of a development/testing platform and this was part of a test of B2’s S3 compatibility.

I tried out moving to B2 native API and it worked !

Guess B2 has some more to do before being really S3 compatible…

Sometimes errors land in About --> Show log --> Stored but a better idea is to watch About --> Show log --> Live --> Retry. Error entries are sometimes clickable to reveal the kind of diagnostic info that can help.

For harder setup and a nicer result for repeated or longer logs, –log-file and –log-file-log-level=retry will do.

I think these logs are a poor troubleshooting tool anyway. Even for non-fatal Warnings, they’re very skimpy.

I think this is still public Beta, so they might be willing to get feedback. The default Duplicati library is from Amazon, and the alternate (see dropdown on destination page) is MinIO. It’d be nice if one of them works.

I had switched to B2 native y’day and it was working but then overnight failed again. So perhaps a bit too hasty to blame S3 compatiblity.

Unfortunately, I took the hammer approach and just did ‘rebuild blocks’ and delete database (my go for issues really…) and after a few goes it seems to work again so would be hard to reproduce error.