Help 7-zip LZMA2

help can you safely use 7-zip compression LZMA2? and how to enable this option?

I don’t believe the underlying 7-zip issues have been resolved so I would strongly recommend against it. I have a few older backups that started out using 7-zip then I change to zip and now most of the errors I get with those jobs are related to the old 7-zip content.

As far as I know there is currently no way to use LZMA2 with zip (though LZMA can be enabled with --zip-compression-method=LZMA).

I’m also curious if and when this issue gets / is fixed. Also if it’s still broken, it should give clear indication, that it’s broken, and require something like --please-destroy-my-backups parameter or something similar. I personally would prefer lzma2 / 7z / 7-zip compression.

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