Having issue not backing up the files

Hi there,

We implemented the Duplicati on 2 VMs running on Ubuntu 20.04. We used a Backblaze bucket.

Initially, the daily scheduled backup was OK, but after a few weeks, when trying to test the restore, we could NOT find the file we were looking for. These servers are web servers, and we know that many images are being uploaded.

We checked the logs, and no errors and no warnings.

What we found strange is that the Source Files are only 55.08 MB, and we know there is more to this.

BTW, the backup retention is 1W:1D,1M:1W,1Y:1M.

UPDATE: It’s only the first server with a problem. The second one is good (we tested this). The source on the second one has around 184.41, and the backup is 121 GB / 10 Version. While the first one, the Source: 55.0 MB and Backup: 112.67 GB / 10 Version.

UPDATE 2: After we compared the backup job between these 2 servers, we found the issue that we accidentally added the filter. It looks good now - we ran it manually, and it’s starting to back up around 80+ GB.

I’m appreciated your feedback.