Has stopped working Duplicati 10 errors constantly

I don’t know what to do. I can’t make a backup for three hours.
What’s going on in general is why I have to waste time solving these errors.
Why can’t Duplicati work stably?

Already done deleting the local base
then removed the problematic versions
deleted the local base again and recreated it again.
and I’ve done it more than 15 times

Why is there no stability?
Duplicati has been developing for so many years and I can’t make it stable?
I’m furious, all my work has stopped as a psycho and I’m trying to make these settings

Here’s the last screenshot

I can’t get rid of my mistakes

What back-end are you using? Looks like it is having trouble writing data to it, and also reports some files missing.

using webdav from Yandex.
I got support saying that everything works correctly.

I understand webdav to be a bad protocol, right?

Please see your other post Error The base connection is closed for info on debugging upload problems. This post shows the same “The connection was unexpectedly closed.” with a Rename and Retry. While there are workarounds to upload failures (e.g. add retries), bad connections are likely outside Duplicati, which relies on networks to work reasonably well. If files can’t be uploaded, there’s no backup possible.

One Error I see that IS in Duplicati (and found/fixed very recently) is “registering a missing remote file”, which is probably a result of the rename/retry making a dindex file pointing to the original dblock name, before any of the rename/retry work. dblock put retry corrupts dindex, using old dblock name for index – canary regression #3932. Towards the bottom I was trying to get a recovery method for it. Yet unknown.
Regardless, this is a secondary issue from seeming network failures, so please check networks closely.