Halting donations

As mentioned, Duplicati Inc. now handles all expenses required to run the Duplicati OSS project. This leaves us with the question: What about donations?

As a commercial company we do not accept any donations and therefore donations have been disabled. Any recurring donations have been stopped. However, the Duplicati community has generously contributed donations for the open-source project over the years, and there is a considerable amount of donated money in the Open Collective pot. We have to decide how these will be handled.

I discussed this topic with René who has accompanied the project for many years. He is besides myself in charge of administering of the Open Collective pot. Our conclusion is, that I will retreat from Open Collective and the credit will be frozen for the time being.

These are the reasons for our decision:

  • I myself should be heading Duplicati Inc. and not also be in charge of community contributions to the OSS project.

  • We do not see that any of the donated money would be needed to run the project in the near future.

  • The founding of Duplicati Inc. is a huge change and we would like to see how everything works out before we make a final decision about the community contributions.

On behalf of the Duplicati community, I would like to once again thank the contributors for the support, and promise to improve Duplicati for everyone.

As always, feedback is much appreciated.