GUI updates don't restart the server



It appears for some users the GUI based updates are not correctly restarting the server, but it works fine for others. So I’d like to try and get some metrics from both sides to see if we can narrow down potential causes.

For me, it worked fine going from canary to canary on Windows 10 running in server (service) mode.

Release: (canary) 2018-03-16


(We still need a category for “Bug”)


For reference, a Experimental update to Experimental on a system WITH a GUI password left me hanging at:

Until I manually refreshed the window at which point I got this message after which clicking OK and logging in dropped me on the Home page (which was not where I started)

But it seemed a bit confused as to what I was really running:

Clicking “Dismiss” then manually checking for updates does NOT make the message re-appear.


Running in service mode (Windows), the new version becomes active after I restart the Duplicati service.